· Jan 21, 2023

How to configure/run SQL Queries of cache namespaces in MS Access

Hi All,

I am currently using D $SYSTEM.SQL.Shell() command or management portal to retrieve the data from database. I just learned we can also run cache table sql queries in MS access. MS access already installed on my machine. 

I need to ask how I can connect my database of USER or sample namespace in MS access to run these SQL queries.

Thanks in advance!!

Product version: Caché 2017.1
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From very painful experience linking access to cache can be a very difficult proposition. In theory it's simple, an odbc link from access can read data fine from cache. However if you want to write anything back or perform updates of any kind it gets very finicky.

We ended up writing sql stored procedures in cache and calling them from access for any data modifications. So the linked odbc tables were only used for read only access.

Also be aware of large integer numbers, which need the bigint data type in access to display properly, which was only introduced in access 2019.