jingqi LIu · Mar 2, 2021

The First Application for Retail & Hospitality

Bulid REST API application built with ObjectScript in InterSystems IRIS. It also has OPEN API spec,  can be developed with Docker and VSCode, can be deployed as ZPM module. can be used as Overbooking System data REST api.

What's Hotel Overbooking Management System?

The overbooking management system combines the unique conditions of the hotel, such as room prices, order channels, customer needs (etc...). System uses machine learning algorithms (such as: KNN/ES-RNN...) to accurately predict the daily no-show and occupancy rate of the hotel, and further combines with the revenue equation to find the best largest room sales volume, which can significantly increase the hotel marginal revenue.

Check Our Repo.



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Not just in the Health Care industry , InterSystems IRIS also has great prospects for growth in the Retail & Hospitality.

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I will pay attention to the follow-up progress

This is a useful application. No-show and temporary cancellation bring great losses to the hotel during the COVID-19 era.

This system can also be used in the warning of the medical industry.

@jingqi LIu interesting application, congrats.

How do you manage the models to predict overbooking? I'm looking at the two repositories you mentioned in your post, but I didn't see where you do the "magic."

I'm wondering if you did use IntegratedML or something else.

Hello, all our models and algorithms are used in real hotel projects, as this part has been delivered to the relevant hotels, we have no right to open source directly without their consent, I hope you could understand this.

Sorry to misunderstand your project description. When I read this part, "System uses machine learning algorithms (such as: KNN/ES-RNN...)  to predict the accurately... "

I thought you would include this part of the code in your project to be demonstrated. 

BTW, nice charts. Which library did you use?