Fixed with ZCONVERT : 

        set SignaletiquePat.internalID = $ZCONVERT("050522001","O","UTF8")
        set SignaletiquePat.lastName = $ZCONVERT("Tata","O","UTF8")
        set SignaletiquePat.firstName = $ZCONVERT("Silva","O","UTF8")
        set SignaletiquePat.dateOfBirth = $ZCONVERT("05/05/2022","O","UTF8")
        set SignaletiquePat.gender = "1"
        set SignaletiquePat.clinicId = 22
        set SignaletiquePat.mothersName = $ZCONVERT("Anne Dede","O","UTF8")
        set SignaletiquePat.address = $ZCONVERT("Rue des prés, 50","O","UTF8")
        set SignaletiquePat.postalCode = "4620"
        set = $ZCONVERT("Fléron","O","UTF8")
        set SignaletiquePat.telephone1 = $ZCONVERT("0499998855","O","UTF8")

Like the doc said for .%ToJSON : 

NOTE: RFC 7159 specifies that the default encoding for JSON values uses UTF-8. When writing a stream containing 8-bit characters this implies that it may be necessary to explicitly convert individual values via a call to $ZCONVERT (e.g. $zcvt(value,"O","UTF8") ) or entire streams by setting the TranslateTable attribute of the stream to "UTF8"

Hey ! 

I found what was the problem.... Look a this, i used Postman as proxy for my request. 

I found this issue with ''é" 

Then i replace "é" with "e" and it worked ! 

Do you know if studio has spécial encoding character ? 

How can i fix this ?


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