· Dec 10, 2020

Ideas for New Applications: What to Develop in 2021?

Hi Community, 

We've launched a nice competition on Global Masters under the "Season of Giving" campaign, which I hope will bring inspiration to all of you!

We inviting you to share your task ideas for new applications that could be developed on InterSystems Technology. Let's enrich our Open Exchange apps gallery with great applications in 2021!


On December 28 2020 our expert jury will choose the author of the best idea/ideas. The winner will get this beautiful prize: Personalized Leather Wallet (with the winner's name on the front and InterSystems logo inside. Handmade work and worldwide shipping! 😉


 How to take part? Easy! 
📍Submit your ideas in the comments to this post before December 25, 2020!

Global Masters profile is not required, but you are always welcome to join the program (log in using the "InterSystems login" button and your Developer Community credentials), get points for your activities, and exchange points toward rewards. 

BTW, do you remember that you'll be getting 30 points on Global Masters for each comment?

Want to learn more about Global Masters? Read this short article Global Masters Advocate Hub - Start Here!  

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Those tools already have some expertise in that area. Yeah, they may have some difficulties with InterSystems IRIS, may not understand some of the features of InterSystems SQL language, and so on. DBeaver, for instance, is an open-source project and can be improved by anybody. 

But I'm not sure that it's a good idea to invest so much time in implementing something, which already available and in some cases for free.

Having too many tools out of the box, not so good idea, it will not mean that all of those tools will have enough quality. 

So, in this case, I would focus development on improving existing tools, in better support for InterSystems products. It will take less time, with a bigger profit (at least InterSystems will be noticeable not only for current InterSystems users).

I fully support you.
Out of tradition, there is a tendency to implement already existing solutions though  better
and well-positioned on the markets. 
@Dmitry Maslennikov :
- you might remember times when even a webserver was written inside Caché
- or various text editors, source manager packages, and ..., and ... and ...
JUST because it was possible.

Decades back you had your globals and your language and not even an OS below.
But this was in previous millenium. This time is definitely over.


A dashboard for monitoring when SAM or a third party tool is not available.
Make sure there is the ability to add custom elements for the application and to select what elements are displayed to a user.
Also provide access to screens such as locks and processes with granular control over what they are able to do.

Essentially you don't want such users to have full management portal access just selected screens which are useful fronted by a monitor/dashboard that allows them to keep an eye on the database and application.