Harshdeep Acharya · Jan 17

How to Import Table using Exported .txt file.

Hi Team,

Can You please provide the solution of my problem ASAP as below :

How can I import the table using InterSystems Command Line from Terminal based on exported tablename.txt file?

Please provide the command if available.

Note : As I am not able to Login into Management Portal.


Harshdeep Acharya

Product version: IRIS 2021.2
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from the command line you may start SQL shell  >  DO $SYSTEM.SQL.Shell()
and then use LOAD DATA  as described here LOAD DATA

Hello Robert,

Thanks for the reply.

I am following your provided solution But, It is throwing an error as below:

ERROR #5007: Directory name 'D:\Intersystem\IRISHealth\Mgr\DATA FROM FILE 'D:\Intersystem\IRISHealth\Mgr\' is invalid
Statement file invalid or empty.

Please advise.


Harshdeep Acharya

You should really read the docs in detail

LOAD DATA ......<filename>
 'D:\Intersystem\IRISHealth\Mgr\'   is just a directory, not a file
and you need all access rights
I would expect something like 'D:\Intersystem\IRISHealth\Mgr\tablename.txt'
Did you use $system.SQL.Shell() to launch it ?