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Should be quite simple, in some cases even without any configuration. Any ClassMethod has a shortcut to Debug it

Some more settings for different cases, you can find here

nice screen capture - a picture is worth 1000 words, but an animated GIF is worth 10,000 :)

Looks simple, but I'm still having trouble with it. First of all, do I have to be logged into Intersystems Servers in Intersystems Tools for debugging? Secondly, every time I start debugging I get an error.

What should I do about it? It prevents me from working.

If you use version 2022.2 it may not work, try with 2022.3 or 2022.1

@Dmitry Maslennikov is correct. There's a bug in 2022.2 builds that prevent debugging from working. The best solution is to move to 2022.3.

Which console do you mean? IRIS Terminal or what?

Any console with ability to display debug information. IRIS Terminal is too bulky to operate effichancy. I am searching for a simple ways to investigate what variables hold what and what return this or another method

if it's just for variables System Management Portal may do it.