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Yes it does. I don't have time to turn this into an easy zpm-compatible module right away, but the following commands worked fine for me on IRIS, after cloning the github repo:

do $system.OBJ.ImportDir("/path/to/downloaded/isc-iknow-setanalysis","*.xml","c",,1)

do ##class(Demo.SetAnalysis.Utils).CreateRestWebApp()

The first command may throw a few errors for some BI-related things that no longer seem to work out-of-the-box, but the core app works just fine after running the above two lines. You can access it the URL described in the article above.

IRIS will automatically create an auto-incrementing RowID and leverage it as the IdKey for you, so unless you want anything other than the default, you shouldn't define such a field or index explicitly. 

If all you want is control the name, take a look at the SqlRowIdName class parameter. If you need control over its behaviour, what you've set up is appropriate and you can leverage SqlRowIdPrivate to get rid of the default additional projection of the RowID. However, unless there's a good reason for controlling the IdKey, you should try to avoid overriding it as it may deprive you of certain practical features and efficiencies such as bitmap indices and an extent index.

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