Hi Jun, those sandboxes are controlled environments set up for specific courses. There isn't really a course corresponding to this demo / subject, so unfortunately no single-click-install this time. 

Once you have a running instance of IRIS, setting it up through the commands described above shouldn't be that big a deal:

do $system.OBJ.ImportDir("/path/to/downloaded/isc-iknow-setanalysis","*.xml","c",,1)

do ##class(Demo.SetAnalysis.Utils).CreateRestWebApp()

Thanks @Vitaliy Serdtsev 

Indeed, that method will be deprecated shortly, in favour of CREATE TABLE AS SELECT, which is new in 2021.1 and part of the SQL standard. Both this command and the $SYSTEM utility method will create a physical copy of the data, so a real SQL table that's not kept in sync in the way a SQL view is. If the latter is what you need, don't bother with creating it as a table.

Note that in a more recent version we also support the CREATE OR REPLACE syntax for a bunch of additional statements (including CREATE FUNCTION, CREATE PROCEDURE, ...) and CREATE IF NOT EXISTS for things that actually contain data such as tables.

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