· Jan 30, 2023

IRIS Installation under windows NTFS Allocation unit size


We are just looking to migrate to IRIS under windows and as the IRIS databases are 8k just wondered if anyone has configured windows with a block size for the database drive other than the default 4k.

Any thoughts ?



Product version: IRIS 2022.2
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never done that, always installed production under linux. Respecting the allocation size it will be good to match the same size so if you are using only 8k, it should be better to have 8k also on fs so 1 unit for db should also be 1 unit for fs and it won't be split in 2 fs operation. 8k should be fine because you can accept that if you are using a mixed db allocation size for 8k and 16k it will always be beneficial also for 16k chunks.

On this argument always remember to align the partition and the fs dropping the first bytes as per ms best practice so that also the disk (if on a raid) could match the writes