Thank you very much for such a quick reply! I will take a look at the repo you provided and will see if I can get the framework up and running on my end.

Thanks again and have a good day!



I know it is a old thread but I thought I'd ask if there are any updates to this framework? The repo is 4 years old and I'm looking for a solution for a mocking framework atm. I noticed also that some classes are missing like Jonathan Lent stated. Is there any possibility for you to update the repo with the latest changes if there are any? I'm working on unit tests and trying to find out a way to mock different business hosts and I found this framework to be a promising one.


That was fast!

I downloaded the extension and tested it. It works. 

I removed the objectscript.http.proxyStrictSSLproperty and set proxyStrictSSL to true -> connection failed as expected: VSCode notified that the server is using a self-signed cert. Next, I set proxyStrictSSLto false and tried to reconnect -> connection ok and VSCode prompted me to choose the namespace I want. 

Thank you for your effort, it seems like your change works as expected.


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