Con Skordis · Jan 26

Dynamically adding an image to ZEN PDF report

How can I use STREAMOID to populate an <img> tag in ZEN reports from a stored jpg in a class object

The value of Image :$k2fQlX10YSRwgCO2zbiA

Snippet below:

<container ifexpression="%report.TestProfileImage(2)=1">
<table orient="col" class="borderless" width='#($g(^||Page("TotalRowWidth")))#in' group="TestTable2">
<table orient="row" width='#($g(^||Page("TotalRowWidth")))#in'>
<table orient="col" class="default" width='#($g(^||Page("TotalRowWidth")))#in' group="TestData">
<img src='!Image' contentHeight='!ImageHeight' contentWidth='!ImageWidth' height='!ImageHeight' width='#(..TestColumnWidth(2,1))#in' style='#(..Style("TestImage",2))#' includeColUnlessXPath='TestData[Image=""]'></img>
<pagebreak ifexpression="%report.PageAfterTestProfile(2)=1"></pagebreak>

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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The PDF report only prints the value of Image