Hi Developers!

This is an anniversary announcement to celebrate 6,000 members on InterSystems Developers!

There are some other good figures came:

  • we have more than 5,000 posts with almost 1,000 articles. (956 to the moment).
  • Also, we are close to having 20,000 answers and comments and 2,000,000 reads for DC postings.

And we have the Spanish Community for 2 months running! Join Spanish DC!

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Hi Developers!

This is the second post on the resources for Developers. This part is about Open Exchange

Using Open Exchange to Learn InterSystems

InterSystems Open Exchange is a applications gallery of tools, connectors, and libraries which InterSystems Developers submit to share the experience, approaches and do business. All the applications are either built with InterSystems data platforms or are intended to use for development with InterSystems data platforms.

If you are a beginner developer you can take a look at applications in Technology Example category. All the applications in this category come with open source code repositories, so you are able to run the samples and examples in a docker container with IRIS on your laptop or in the cloud IRIS sandbox. Examples:

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Hi Developers!

Recently I was asked, “How can a beginner in InterSystems technologies learn from InterSystems Developers community content to improve his developer skills”?

This is a really good question. It has several answers so I decided to write the post with the hope it could be useful for developers.

So! How to learn Intersystems Data Platforms(IRIS, IRIS for Health) from InterSystems Developers community content if you are a beginner?

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Our Pledge

In the interest of fostering an open and welcoming environment, we as contributors and manager pledge to making participation in InterSystems Developer Community a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of age, body size, disability, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, level of experience, nationality, personal appearance, race, religion, or sexual identity and orientation.

Our Standards

Examples of behavior that contributes to creating a positive environment include:

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Hey Community!

As you know, InterSystems Developer Community is always evolving. We have a number of different pages in popular social networks. And now we're more than happy to launch the InterSystems Developer Community on LinkedIn! Please welcome:

1. Developer Community Page on LinkedIn: to stay in the know about articles, answers, announcements, hot discussions, best practices based on InterSystems technology - so good if you are an active user of LinkedIn!

2. InterSystems Developers Group on LinkedIn: to network with other developers.
Imagine that you want to invite a high-pro DC member to your event, or you have a question or need advice... How to contact him/her? Now it's easy! Go to DC LinkedIn Group and send a direct message!

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Hi Community! Here is a digest of the Developer Community postings in May 2019.
Most viewed

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Evgeny Shvarov · May 7, 2019
Bug in DC Email System

Hi Community!

Today and yesterday a lot of you received a strange email with the subject:

InterSystems Developers Publications, Week 29 of April - 05 of May, Digest

and body:


This happened because of a bug in our email subsystem. I bring my apologies and we are fixing the bug at the moment.

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Hi Community!

Here is a digest of the Developer Community postings in April 2019.

Most viewed

Most voted

Most Discussed

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Hi Community!

Here is a digest of the Developer Community postings in March 2019.

Most viewed

CachéQuality for VSCode now available 364

Studio debugger since 2018.1.1 149

Job Opportunity - Relocate from Europe to UK 137

InterSystems IRIS version 2019.1 released 127

Tar compress tool in ObjectScript 125

A Tutorial On WebSockets 122

Embedded SQL vs ObjectScript SQL. What do you prefer and why? 121

A Deep Learning Demo Kit with Python3 Binding to HealthShare (Part I) 118

Side Effects of Quit and Return Commands with $Increment, or "I.E.Repin. Unexpected..." 117

String to date 116

Behind the scene of isc-tar project 100

Using Docker with your InterSystems IRIS development repository 99

Global Data converted to CSV file 87

CSP: Dynamically Generated Table 79

Behind the scene of isc-tar project and story about Continuous Integration using Github Actions 66

Run A Deep Learning Demo with Python3 Binding to HealthShare (Part II) 62

Most voted

InterSystems Partnertag Österreich 2019 7

Adopted Bitmaps example now on Open Exchange 7

ObjectScript error handling snippets 7

Tar compress tool in ObjectScript 6

InterSystems DACH Symposium 2019 6

Synchronize Data with DSTIME 6

A Tutorial On WebSockets 4

CachéQuality for VSCode now available 3

A Deep Learning Demo Kit with Python3 Binding to HealthShare (Part I) 3

InterSystems IRIS version 2019.1 released 3

Most commented

CachéQuality for VSCode now available 36

HL7 message import to sql server 16

Studio debugger since 2018.1.1 12

Rule to validate SQL syntaxis 12

No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header issue with Cors 11

Cache docker image 9

Creating multiple Record Map Records from a single HL7 message 8

Quick way to check if an SSL/TLS configuration name is valid? 7

Sending Messages on the Top of Queue 7

Ensemble to Spring Boot Java app using RabbitMQ 6

Top 10 Authors to Follow by Views

Dmitry Maslennikov, Posts, 291

Zhong Li, Posts, 180

Lily Taub, Posts, 122

Alexey Maslov, Posts, 117

Evgeny Shvarov, Posts, 99

Ponnumani Gurusamy, Posts, 87

Robert Cemper, Posts, 85

Gevorg Arutunyan, Posts, 79

Pravin Barton, Posts, 61

Stuart Byrne, Posts, 40

Top 10 Experts to Follow

Eduard Lebedyuk, Answers, +8

Aviel Klausner, Answers, +7

Alexander Koblov, Answers, +4

Kyle Baxter, Answers, +4

Vitaliy Serdtsev, Answers, +4

Jeffrey Drumm, Answers, +4

David Van De Griek, Answers, +3

Stephen Canzano, Answers, +3

Dmitry Maslennikov, Answers, +2

Robert Cemper, Answers, +2

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Hi Community!

Here is the digest of the most popular videos on InterSystems Data Platforms we published in 2018 on InterSystems Developers YouTube Channel!


Please check the most popular videos by Watch Time. See the details below.

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Hi Community!

It's time to announce the best articles on InterSystems Data Platforms you published in 2018!

And here are three best articles for the year (criteria is the number of views):

First place: K-Means clustering of the Iris Dataset, by Niyaz Khafizov 1564

Second place: Continuous Delivery of your InterSystems solution using GitLab - Part I: Git, by Eduard Lebedyuk 1206

Third place: Replacing ZEN - Part 1 - Introduction, by Peter Cooper 933

Congrats to authors!

And what are the best articles by InterSystems Data Platforms?

See below

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