Ramil TK · Jul 21, 2022

Trakcare Report development Using Object Script

Is there any full featured tutorial available for doing the report development using object script in the Trakcare system for a starter developer(For Trakcare)?

Once we developed the report and then how we can test and add this report to our existing Trakcare.

Product version: IRIS 2021.2
$ZV: 2021.7 MECA ADHOC3 Build #18
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Hi Ramil

This sort of request is handled by your account with Trakcare support.   I would recommend you engage with your local support team using iService to proceed with this requirement

This means the iService team will be ready for training and support or this kind of requirement will only do by the trakcare team.

This type of request is handled via your contract arrangements, so the best route is to engage your support service who will be happy to get you the assistance you require