· Jun 3, 2022

Developer Community Release, May 2022

Welcome to the May'22 Community Release!

We’ve made some enhancements to your experience recently in the InterSystems Community:

🆕 Improved current events tracking 

🆕 Scheduled posting 

🆕 Enhanced code formatting 

🆕 Faster table creation 

🆕 Enriched reply experience 

🆕 Changed post teaser design 

Let's have a closer look at all of these below. 

LIVE NOW for Events

To make finding the currently held event easier and more convenient, we've added a new section LIVE NOW at the top right corner of the page. 

And if you click on it, you will be redirected to the page of the event where you can choose to join it (if it is held online, of course).

To take advantage of this feature, your announcement of the event needs to follow these conditions:

  • Create your event as usual [add the Events tag -> special fields will appear automatically]
  • Verify that your event has a specific start time and finish time (all-day events aren't featured in this section)
  • To let people join your event online directly from this bar add a Direct link to join
  • That's it, you're good to go!

Schedule your Post

You asked - we did it! Now you can schedule your post to be published at a specific time.

To schedule your post for later, you just need to click the down arrow near the Publish button and choose Schedule post.

After that, you will be able to set date and time for when your post should be published.

Once you have chosen the time, click on the Schedule post button. Your post will be published at the selected time – that's it!

Code Formatting

To share your code with others, we've added a built-in editor when inserting code.

In it, you can select the appropriate programming language and tab size.

Besides, syntax highlighting occurs immediately when writing the text and the programming language is displayed in the upper left corner.

As a result, in your post, you will get beautifully formatted code in the desired programming language.

Table Creation

To simplify the formatting when creating a table, we added a function to quickly create a table by selecting the required number of cells.

If you click on the button More at the bottom, opens the standard functionality for creating a table.

Replies and subscriptions

To see all info about the discussion at a glance, we added the number of replies at the top of the editor and the icon to subscribe to a discussion for post discussion [new replies].

Design of the Post Teaser 

To make the bottom of the post look more balanced, we rearranged and changed the icons a bit.

Enjoy our updates! 

Submit your requests for improvements and bug reports on DC GitHub. Or post your suggestions in the comments to this post.

See you next time with even more cool changes!

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