· Jul 12, 2022

French speaking people, unite!

Hey Community!

If you follow our updates, you should know that several months ago we created a new regional community for all those people who speak (and write) French!

You can find it here:

After only three months we already have 25 members (I know, it doesn't sound a lot compared to 11.000 members on English Community, but French Community is a newborn compared to an adult) and more than 140 articles, 3.000 views, and 160 likes. We already have exclusive content not present on other regional Communities and our own "thing" which you may spot in our recaps of different events where moderators and admins from the French Community were present.

And talking about our French team, they are @Guillaume Rongier, @Lorenzo Scalese, and @Irène Mykhailova. With the help of @Robert Bira and mostly silent partners wink @Coralie Durand and @Adeline Icard. All of them would be very glad to see you among the (active) members of the French Community who react and comment on the posts and write articles and questions and start discussions. In general, participate in the life of the Communauté Francophone!

If you are not sure that the article you've written is in impeccable French, you can always contact one of the members of the French Team mentioned above, and they will help you make your article sound like it was written by a real French! So don't hesitate (or be embarrassed) to reach out. They are friendly people, who will do their best!

See you at

A bientôt!

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