@Dmitry Maslennikov  Are there any special characters to watch with static .csp and .js files? I would expect the last map item to catch all, but it does not match with /csp/mynamespace/myfile.js (ends up in /MyFolder/csp/mynamespace/.... and I would expect /MyFolder/src/csp/mynamespace/...

I have one prepared but not found the time yet. My plan is to measure the electricity use of my house continuously, do analysis on when I have a surplus of energy of my solar panels, and then switch certain devices based on that. My dishwasher, pool pump and heat pump are all connected. Currently I can do net metering for electricity but that will change in the near future. Better to use it myself if they don't want to pay a decent price for it ;-) The Pi is perfect for that kind of home automation.

For my customers in Holland, our time-zone is POSIX is "CET-1CEST". Also works for most neighbours. (2016+)

write !, "Current time: "_$ZDT($H)

do $System.Process.TimeZone("CET-1CEST") 

write !, "New Current time: "_$ZDT($H)
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