Processes often do a lot of waiting (<sync>, <delay>), so that is probably why a larger poolsize helps. I am currently integrating with a system which takes up to five seconds to answer... so enough spare time to do a few in parallel. 

Yes this can be annoying; if you have a generic solution which you deploy at different customers which have different hardware and performance requirements, you cannot keep the production class "generic". This limits automation of the build process/deployment. You can do some scripting...

Thanks @Robert Cemper

Since my specific case is for the EU, I think the simplest solution is to use $ZTZ to correct for basic time zone. The rules for summertime are always the same in this area (until they change it, the discussion flares up two times a year). I already found some pseudo-code for that. If summertime, subtract another 60 minutes from $ZTZ. Not as generic as I wanted, but good enough for my case. 

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