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If you are missing other templates from Atelier or Studio... add the following links:

Installer Wizard

"Installer Wizard": "${serverUrl}/isc/studio/templates/%25Installer.InstallerWizard.cls?Namespace=${namespace}${serverAuth}"

DeepSeek PI Wizard

"DeepSeek PI Wizard": "${serverUrl}/isc/studio/templates/%25DeepSee.Template.DeepSeeKPIWizard.cls?Namespace=${namespace}${serverAuth}"
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Kurro Lopez


The $HOROLOG is the cache datetime format, then the first part is de date and the second part is the time. The time is in seconds, then if you want to increase 15 minutes, you should to plus the time (15*60)

This is a example:

It only works if you are in the same day, because it raises an error

The best way to increase minutes, days, months, etc... is using $system.SQL.DATEADD method

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Hi Sean,

I've created my Business Operation using the wizard to create SOAP Client.

I've modified the object to change the location and namespace according to the provider. This value is into the message.

This is a pice of the code:

Method MyMethod(pRequest As MyMessageWS.RequestsearchInfoRequest, Output pResponse As MyMessageWS.RequestsearchInfoResponse) As %Library.Status
    do ..prepareOperation(pRequest)
    Set tSC = ..Adapter.InvokeMethod("searchInfo",.info,pRequest.idSpeciality,pRequest.listaActs,pRequest.healthCenter,pRequest.aditionalInfo)
    Quit:$$$ISERR(tSC) tSC
    Set tSC = pRequest.NewResponse(.pResponse)  Quit:$$$ISERR(tSC) tSC
    Set pResponse.InfoCentro=$get(info)
    Quit $$$OK

Method prepareOperation(pRequest As MyMessageWS.Request.base) As %Status
 Set ..Adapter.%Client.Namespace = pRequest.Namespace
 Set ..Adapter.%Client.Location = pRequest.Url
 Quit $$$OK

The problem is the InvokeMethod is raising the error, so I'm not able to modify this code. It's part of the %Soap library.

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