Rochdi Badis · Jul 21, 2022

Zen Page source url

Hi Guys,

usually when I want to find out which class is a zen page is, I just right click on the page and go to properties and this will show me the class url, but with this client I don't get properties as below !?



Product version: Caché 2014.1
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You mean the URL that is showing in your Browser address bar?  What exactly do you mean by class URL?  Can you show an example of one that is working for you please?

I mean like this:

right click on a page, and as you can see properties 



Never mind Ben, I see what it is, it's just a bowser option where it's available in IE but not Chrome.

but for some season I'm unable to run my Zen page from IE, chrome works fine, so is there a security option or restrictions that I should change in my IE browser, I've tried to change a few setting and level of security with no luck?

FYI, I'm running IE V1607 in windows server 2016.