· Jul 20, 2022

Is Your Question a #KeyQuestion?

Hi Developers!

We are introducing a new feature on Dev Community site – Key Questions by InterSystems Developers.

We've added a new special #Key Question tag to highlight questions related to InterSystems Data Platforms considered as having the biggest impact.

Each month InterSystems Experts will choose such questions, and those authors will be awarded with all the honours!

What honours? Details in this post! 

What is #Key Question? 

It is the tag that highlights questions on how to develop, test, deploy, manage, etc solutions that use InterSystems Data Platforms that are considered as the most insightful, interesting, puzzling, important, and so on.

Who makes the decision? 

InterSystems Experts will review DC questions and decide whether to consider them as Key Questions.

What questions will be reviewed?

All questions on DC will be taken into account.

How often will you see new Key Questions on DC?

Each month our experts will choose the questions which will get #Key Question tag.

What honors will you receive?

A new special badge on Global Masters called "Key Question".

A special highlight on Developer Community: we'll add a comment in a thread with the question from @Developer Community Admin that it is selected as Key Question.

Ask your questions, benefit from the double points during the Inquisitive Summer on Developer Community, and maybe it will be your question that our experts choose as the next Key Question!

Subscribe to the tag and stay tuned!

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