Jimmy Christian · Jul 5, 2022

Shutdown Ensemble Business Service upon Warning in the Event Log


We have a scenario where a bad message(With control character in some fields) is coming frequently in our Standard HL7 Business Service.

I do see the process gets shut down because of E=D action code. I also see the service logging an "Warning" about the bad message. But service is not shutting down.

Is there a way to handle this error right at the service to avoid multiple processes going down? Not sure if we can create a task, which audits the service logs every few minutes. But that will involve some coding and checking of time when the errors happens.

Is there is a straight forward setting like action code we have for process in the business service?


Jimmy Christian.

Product version: Ensemble 2018.1
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Hi Jimmy,

One approach could be to define a FunctionSet method:

Class MyRule.FunctionSet Extends Ens.Rule.FunctionSet
{ ClassMethod StopService(serviceName As %String = "") As %Boolean
job ##class(Ens.Director).EnableConfigItem(serviceName,0,1)
quit 1
} }

Then in your routing rule that is recieving bad messages from your service you could use the new function:

You might also decide to simply match and suspend bad messages or route to a bad message handler if sequence is not an issue.

Assumes the characters are within the first 10,000 characters of HL7 message.

Hope this helped inspire some ideas.



Hello Alex,

Sorry for late response.

I see this approach is very interesting. So in the router, i am checking if it is a bad message. If yes, then i shutdown the service. Right?

Sounds very applicable. I will try and see. Just a question. When the router receives the message, if it is bad, the rawcontent has "BAD" in it?


Jimmy Christian.

Hi Jimmy,

Yes this is using the router context to test if a message has some invalid characters.

As an example I simply used the content "BAD" in the message to demonstrate.

If you want to identify specific characters by numeric code-point an additional FunctionSet method could be employed. For example:

/// RuleSet function to evaluate whether a given raw input string contains unwanted characters
/// Unwanted characters are supplied as a comma delimited string.
/// For example detect "9,32" would match any ASCII Tab and ASCII space characters
/// The $ASCII function can be used to identify the numeric code point of a character, to be supplied in the detect parameter.
ClassMethod ContainsChars(rawData As %String = "", detect As %String = "") As %Boolean
    quit:$Length(rawData)<1 0
    quit:$Length(detect)<1 0
    set found=0
    set len=$Length(detect,",")
    for item=1:1:len {
        set charNum=$Piece(detect,",",item)
        set char=$Char(charNum)
        if rawData[char {
            $$$TRACE("Found Character "_charNum_" in rawData")
            set found=1
    quit found

Usage example:



Thank you Alex.

I just ran a HL7 Message with bad characters. But i do not see string "BAD" in the message which is sent to the HL7 Router.

I am looking for the Built map status, but it says nothing. But when i open the contents it gives an error.

If i can detect in some way that the sent message could not parse, then i can shutdown the service.