Jack Boulton · Jul 18, 2022

IRIS SQL LOAD DATA <ERROR #5023: Remote Gateway Error: Connection cannot be established>



I'm trying to load some data into IRIS using LOAD DATA in the IRIS terminal however I am getting blocked by this error. I have read the documentation on this page trying to set up a gateway connection but get the same Connection cannot be established error.

This is what is in the %Java Server activity log

ID 	Date Time 	Record Type 	Job 	Text 
813	2022-07-18 10:37:09	Info	28048	Job command successful, started monitor process '6404'
811	2022-07-18 10:37:09	Info	28048	Starting background process to monitor the Gateway Server
810	2022-07-18 10:37:09	Info	28048	Gateway Server start-up confirmation skipped
809	2022-07-18 10:37:09	Info	28048	Execution returned: 'Exception in thread "main" Invalid file path at java.base/<init>( at com.intersystems.jdbc.LogFileStream.<init>( at com.intersystems.gateway.JavaGateway.getLogFile( at com.intersystems.gateway.JavaGateway.main( '
808	2022-07-18 10:37:08	Info	28048	Executing O.S. command: java.exe -Xrs -Djava.system.class.loader=com.intersystems.gateway.ClassLoader -classpath {removed filepath}"" "{removed user}:IRIS:%Java Server" ""
807	2022-07-18 10:37:08	Info	28048	Starting Java Gateway Server '%Java Server'

I can connect find through ODBC but JDBC refuses to connect for the "Connection cannot be established" error. I am using a database manager called DBeaver that connection through JDBC fine.


Is anyone able to provide some help to get rid of this error?


EDIT: I found the audit log and ran the OS command which returned this error
Error: Could not find or load main class .system.class.loader=com.intersystems.gateway.ClassLoader
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: /system/class/loader=com/intersystems/gateway/ClassLoader

E2: I cleared out the initial error by adding the log file but there is now even less of an error with a generic [SQLCODE: <-400>:<Fatal error occurred>]

E3: Got it working found the xDBC errors page which told me the exact problem with the query

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
$ZV: IRIS For Windows (x86-64) 2022.1 (Build 209_0_21683) Mon Jun 27 2022 16:08:07 EDT
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The error seems to occur when it's trying to access the log file. Under you advanced settings, have you checked where it's trying to find or create your log file and made sure it's valid?

It was missing the log file entirely. I've now added the log file however I am not getting even less info out of the error message.

[SQLCODE: <-400>:<Fatal error occurred>]

The log files and audit files don't contain any information. It looks like it just stops.