· Jul 18, 2022

IRIS SQL LOAD DATA <ERROR #5023: Remote Gateway Error: Connection cannot be established>



I'm trying to load some data into IRIS using LOAD DATA in the IRIS terminal however I am getting blocked by this error. I have read the documentation on this page trying to set up a gateway connection but get the same Connection cannot be established error.

This is what is in the %Java Server activity log

ID 	Date Time 	Record Type 	Job 	Text 
813	2022-07-18 10:37:09	Info	28048	Job command successful, started monitor process '6404'
811	2022-07-18 10:37:09	Info	28048	Starting background process to monitor the Gateway Server
810	2022-07-18 10:37:09	Info	28048	Gateway Server start-up confirmation skipped
809	2022-07-18 10:37:09	Info	28048	Execution returned: 'Exception in thread "main" Invalid file path at java.base/<init>( at com.intersystems.jdbc.LogFileStream.<init>( at com.intersystems.gateway.JavaGateway.getLogFile( at com.intersystems.gateway.JavaGateway.main( '
808	2022-07-18 10:37:08	Info	28048	Executing O.S. command: java.exe -Xrs -Djava.system.class.loader=com.intersystems.gateway.ClassLoader -classpath {removed filepath}"" "{removed user}:IRIS:%Java Server" ""
807	2022-07-18 10:37:08	Info	28048	Starting Java Gateway Server '%Java Server'

I can connect find through ODBC but JDBC refuses to connect for the "Connection cannot be established" error. I am using a database manager called DBeaver that connection through JDBC fine.


Is anyone able to provide some help to get rid of this error?


EDIT: I found the audit log and ran the OS command which returned this error
Error: Could not find or load main class .system.class.loader=com.intersystems.gateway.ClassLoader
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: /system/class/loader=com/intersystems/gateway/ClassLoader

E2: I cleared out the initial error by adding the log file but there is now even less of an error with a generic [SQLCODE: <-400>:<Fatal error occurred>]

E3: Got it working found the xDBC errors page which told me the exact problem with the query

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
$ZV: IRIS For Windows (x86-64) 2022.1 (Build 209_0_21683) Mon Jun 27 2022 16:08:07 EDT
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