· Jul 15, 2022

AWS EFS, EBS Shared e SQS Support?


Our scenarios need to persist messages in the orchestrator. Our Iris Orchestrator is an ephemeral pod with no persistent disks running on AWS EKS in multiple AZ.

We want to know if the iris orchestrator has:

- AWS EFS Support
- Integration with AWS SQS
- Sharing to the same AWS EBS.

Our challenge is that when the pod receives a new deploy or is restarted we are losing messages.

What would be the best solution that you come up with?

We appreciate your attention and kindness.

Yours sincerely,


Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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It sounds like you're looking for persistent storage, which means you want to use the Durable %SYS feature.  Here's the info to get you started:

To answer your specific questions:

1. Yes, IRIS works with any StorageClass that your Kubernetes cluster has installed, including any storage class you might have created for EBS or EFS. If you haven't yet tried it, the InterSystems Kubernetes Operator can simplify deployments in Kubernetes.  Even if you don't use IKO in production, it's a good way to see how everything should be configured.

2. IRIS 2022.1 also includes first-class support for AWS SQS.  You can use it in your Productions or use ObjectScript to send messages to it.