Gordon Sjostrom · Jul 14, 2022

Currently Running Processes with Mirroring

This might be a dumb question but I didn't see anything about it in the Mirroring documentation. Are processes that are currently running when the primary fails over to the secondary automatically switched over and continue processing? Or are they terminated and would need to be restarted on the secondary?

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Yes these would be random user process. So in ^ZMIRROR we would need to add code in $$CheckBecomePrimaryOK to restart these processes?

Seems about right.

I recommend that "batch processes" would be run from the Task manager, then if you manage an exact copy of the task definitions (in tasks manager) in your failover, then you do not have to worry (it can be automated with export/import as well)

Make sure you have "auto start" enable for your interoperability in case of a mirror failover