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Hi Community!

We are introducing a new feature on DC site - Best Practices of InterSystems Data Platforms.

It is the tag, which highlights articles on DC considered as Best Practices on how to develop, test, deploy and manage solutions on InterSystems Data Platforms. 

Why do we do this?

You often asked us(InterSystems) what is the attitude to different posts on DC? How to distinguish posts with  InterSystems message for developers from "just thoughts"? Actually, you can subscribe to Product Managers and Technology architects directly, but we must admit that there are a lot of articles from Community members which have tons of experience, bright solutions, and knowledge and which are in fact the Best Practices for InterSystems Data Platforms. And we want to highlight this content.

Who makes the decision? 

We established a council of InterSystems Product Managers and Technology Architects who review articles and decide on whether it is considered as InterSystems Best Practice.

What posts will be reviewed?

All articles and some questions on DC which have best practices answers.

How often will we see new Best Practices on DC?

Every week we'll tag a new Best Practices article. You can get the notification about it if you subscribe to  Best Practice tag page. Also we'll put a comment to the post from DC administration that it is selected as Best Practices.

When will we start?

We already started. Subscribe to the tag and stay tuned!

And we are waiting for your InterSystems Best Practices article!