Thank you Alex.

I just ran a HL7 Message with bad characters. But i do not see string "BAD" in the message which is sent to the HL7 Router.

I am looking for the Built map status, but it says nothing. But when i open the contents it gives an error.

If i can detect in some way that the sent message could not parse, then i can shutdown the service.

Hello Alex,

Sorry for late response.

I see this approach is very interesting. So in the router, i am checking if it is a bad message. If yes, then i shutdown the service. Right?

Sounds very applicable. I will try and see. Just a question. When the router receives the message, if it is bad, the rawcontent has "BAD" in it?


Jimmy Christian.

Hey Andy,

So reason i am using Comment Setting because ProcessMessage Setting is not coming up in the Settings section.

I am using the 

<ruleDefinition alias="" context="EnsLib.HL7.MsgRouter.RoutingEngine"...

Would be glad to have the ProcessMessage Settings  come up using the standard Rule definition class.


Jimmy Christian.

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