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Hello Pankaja,

Seems like for now custom code is the only option. I was not able to find any out of the box functionality for writing the counts of the total transactions without a custom code.

Here are few strategies for custom code i looked into.

1) In the File Operation , write the messages to a "Temp" File. At a certain time through a task or some other logic read from the temp file and collect all details you need and then write to another File.

2) I yet have to explore this option. At a point in time when you want your file, read from the Enslib.Hl7.Msg and create a file per your needs.

3) Write the live messages to a temp database. Generate necessary file from it when needed. Delete the messages from the DB and copy it to a Archive DB if needed.

4) As live messages are coming write to a Global and then run a task to create messages from the Globals.


Jimmy Christian.

Thank you Marc for the detailed information.

I earlier tried the approach using the Record Mapper but it did not seam feasible in this scenario. 

So i have done is 

Created a CUSTOM operation class which extends Ens.BusinessOperation, EnsLib.HL7.Operation.Standard

It uses the file adapter.

Then I overided the oninit and outputDocument method.

  1. The file adapter creates HL7 file as usual
  2. I created a new method which calls the override outputDocument method and passes the filename . Then I do a count of segments and create another file into which I copy all the necessary information and delete the file which was originaly created .
  3. Above method is called in oninit, so it is triggered on schedule whenever the operation starts. First I check if a file exists, if it does and is not the current file then I call this new method.

Ha ha. Thanks Jeffrey.

Yes the class name User.HL7.Stream seemed like the system defined class.

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