· Jul 27, 2022

Problem converting Image to Base64

Hello all, 

i am currently struggling following the instructions for reading an image file into the database as a base64 string.

My goal is to save an image into a global as base64. I followed different guides like:


Here is my current code:

 Set file=##class(%Stream.FileBinary).%New()
 Set sc=file.LinkToFile("C:\Users\fcare\Desktop\1.png")
 Do file.Rewind()
 SET BASE64=""
 While 'file.AtEnd {
  Set BASE64=BASE64_file.Read()


The resulting string however is not a valid base64 image format. I tested different images with different data types. Always the same result. Files also varied in size. 

Attached will be the original file aswell as the output for BASE64. 



Product version: Caché 2017.1
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First of all, it's meaningless to post several KB of raw data. Either provide it somewhere for download or make an attachment (if possible).

Second, Base64 encodings converts 3 (incoming) bytes into 4 (outgoing) bytes, this means you always (except the last one) have to read multiple of 3 bytes at once, convert it, and put into the output stream. Your file.Read() reads 32000 bytes, which is NOT a multiple of 3!