Minoru Horita · Jul 20, 2022

Handling StreamContainer in Business Process

I am trying to use EnsLib.SQL.Operation.GenericOperation for retrieving (multiple) rows. But I am looking for a way to handing a StreamContainer returned by the operation, in my business process such as receiving it in the Context object and packing it to a request to call another business operation.

Does anyone have sample code to do this?


Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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What particular question do you have? Please consider providing more information.

You get a callresponse from a BO, copy it (or copy id as you'd leave the stream immutable) and create a new callrequest to another BO.

Alternatively use ResponseClass to save results into persistent objects.

There was a typo in my code, and just copying the stream to the new call request worked as expected.

Thanks for your comment!