· Mar 30, 2022

Developer Community Release, March 2022

Hello and welcome to the March'22 Community Release!

We’ve made some enhancements to your experience recently in the InterSystems Community:

  • Brand new Community search
  • General Community stats
  • Facebook profile connection 
  • Post page updates: tags, author block, draft highlighting

Let's have a closer look below. 

Community Search 

We have implemented a brand new search engine on the Community site. There are two search options:

  1. Quick Search
  2. Advanced Search 

With the DC Quick Search, you can easily find a post/tag/user and go directly to that webpage.

Didn't find anything suitable from the proposed options?

Try using the DC Advanced Search by clicking on the 🔍 button:

Here you can easily add advanced parameters for your search query:

  • search by posts of a specific user
  • search by specific tag(-s)
  • search by specific post type or your posts only

You can also sort the results by time period and relevance:

General Community Stats

Now you can see the InterSystems Dev Community in numbers:

Facebook profile connection 

Add a Facebook link to your DC profile to meet new friends and get closer to each other.

Go to your DC User Profile --> Edit --> Additional Info --> Facebook profile

Post page updates: tags, author block, draft highlighting

You asked – we did it! Now DC Tags are in the body of the post. 

Also on the post page, you can now see the author's contact info in the block on the right:

Drafts on the DC website are now blue highlighted:

Hope you enjoy our updates! 

Submit your requests for improvements and bug reports on DC GitHub. Or post your suggestions in the comments to this post.

Stay tuned!

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