· Mar 11, 2022

1st InterSystems Portuguese Tech Article Contest

Hi Developers !

Welcome to our 🏆1st InterSystems Portuguese Tech Article Contest 🏆 

Write an article about any topic related to InterSystems technologies from March 14 to April 14, 2022.


We're excited about your participation. Join now!

Build up a team and join sending the article made by the team. There will be a bonus for articles made by teams. 

Prizes for everybody: All participants will receive a special prize!

Duration:  from March 14 to April 14, 2022


1. All are winners on our 1st InterSystems Portuguese Tech Article Contest! Any member that joins the contest will receive a special prize:

🎁 InterSystems - Developers Community termic bottle 

2. Experts Awards – the articles will be judged by InterSystems experts:

🥇 1st place:  iPad

🥈 2nd place: Gaming Chair

🥉 3rd place:  JBL Gaming Headphone

3. Developers Community Award article with the most likes. The winner will be able to choose one of the following prizes:

🎁 Alexa (echoDot 4)

🎁 Google Chromecast

🎁 Earphone Bluetooth Earbuds Basic Redmi Airdots 2 - Xiaomi 


  1. The author can only be awarded once per category (in total the author will win 2 prizes: one for Expert and one for the Community)
  2. In the event of a tie, the number of votes of the experts for the tied articles will be considered as a tie-breaking criterion.

Who can participate?

Any Developer Community member, except for InterSystems employees. Create an account!


Contest Period

📝 March 14 - April 14: Publication of articles and voting time.  

Publish an article(s) throughout this period. DC members can vote for published articles with Likes – votes in the Community award.

Note: The sooner you publish an article(s), the more time you will have to collect both Experts & Community votes.

🎉 April 25: Winners announcement.

What are the requirements? 

❗️ Any article written during the contest period and satisfying the requirements below will automatically enter the competition:

  • The article must be in Portuguese
  • The article must be related to InterSystems technology
  • It should list the challenges encountered and/or the reason for choosing the theme.
  • It cannot be a translation of an article already published in other communities.
  • The article must be 100% new in the community.
  • Article size: >1,000 characters (links and codes are not counted towards character limit).
  • If the article is written in partnership, the names of the co-authors must be indicated and all must be members of the community. New community members must be registered: Create an account!

What to write about?

❗️  You can choose any tech topic related to InterSystems technology.

🎯 NEW BONUS: If your article is on the topic from the list of the proposed topics, you will receive a bonus of 5 Expert votes (vs 1st place selected by an Expert = 3 votes)

Here're some possible fields for choosing the article topic. These are just examples, you have the liberty to choose anything you want.






Embedded Python Introduction

Use the new functionality available in IRIS 2021.2 that allows you to write SQL methods and procedures in Python.


How to do CI/CD with InterSystems IRIS 


Change Data Capture with Kafka Connect An example that shows how to set up Kafka Connect and export & import SQL data via the Kafka Connect JDBC connector.


Using %MDX and %KPI instead of Subject Area in IRIS Analytics


Exporting to Excel using Python


Integrating cloud services with productions

Ex.: MS Azure Cognitive Services or Amazon Rekognition.


 Working with IKO (InterSystems Kubernetes Operator)


InterSystems on the cloud

Bringing the InterSystems Platform to the Cloud


High availability of InterSystems environments on K8S

Deploying microservices technology with InterSystems in high availability


Data Science shared workgroup setup with ECP

There is a data server and each data scientist has a compute node on their desktop. Show the data is available when disconnected and syncs when you re-connect.


Cloud connectors

Write an article on how to use cloud connectors to manage InterSystems IRIS applications on Amazon Webservice and use the connectors to access services.

  • Input and Output Adapters for S3 (Amazon Storage Service)
  • Output Adapter for Cloudwatch (Amazon Monitoring Services)
  • Output Adapter for SNS (Amazon Notification Service) for messaging.



How can the InterSystems HealthShare platform help institutions prevent disease and promote people's health?


IRIS for Health / FHIR

How can FHIR protocol accelerate healthcare application development?


IRIS for Health

How can a healthcare platform help institutions make decisions based on longitudinal patient information?


IAM – InterSystems API Manager

Using API Manager to improve service publishing

Note: Articles on the same topic from different authors are allowed.

Feel free to submit your topic ideas in the comments to this post.


  • Format of the presentation of the content of the Article: besides publishing the article make an explanatory video (+ 1 vote)
  • The number of features used/described in the article (+ 1 vote)
  • Indication/participation of a person from outside the community in the co-authorship of the Article – with the aim of promoting/disseminating it to other professionals (+ 3 votes)
  • Article with the most comments (+ 2 votes)
  • Article by a new member in the community without partnership (+ 3 votes)
  • Presentation of the architecture (logical model) with the solution/representation of the explored theme (+1 vote)

We're waiting for your great articles!

Good luck!