Erol Gurcinar · Jul 24

InterSystems - Database Management / Remote Connectivity

Hi team,

I'll start with an apology as I am trying to wrap my head around the architecture of how InterSystems IRIS database management works. I am attempting to connect to the platform remotely through say a JDBC or ODBC connection in order to run queries, searches (through SQL statements) on my laptop and was trying to understand whether this would be possible? It is possible to setup an inbound client connection and wanted to better understand the architecture of how the database association works for IRIS database management. Does it use it's own internal SQL database or are we able to connect to our own database and which databases are certified to run against the platform?



Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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The IRIS management portal is a web application.
It connects to the IRIS database with a component called: "CSP Gateway" (can be installed on various web servers: IIS, Apache, Nginx). This "CSP gateway" is enabling you to develop web applications that will interact with the DB directly though this component. You may run "ajax like" code on the server-side, and have all your web pages fully dynamic (generated on the server in run-time).
TO work with the management portal from remote, you may take advantage of it's security mechanism (define users, roles, services) the ability to authenticate with external to IRIS entities (e.g. doing LDAP to ADDS) and also have a two-factor authentication, for better security.

Any external data database or other tool that can do ODBC & JDBC can communicate with IRIS and get data out of it. Those are also.