· Mar 28, 2022

Meet Lorenzo Scalese – New Developer Community Moderator!

Hi Community,

Please welcome @Lorenzo Scalese as our new French Moderator in the Developer Community Team! 🎉

Let's greet Lorenzo with big applause and take a closer look at his bio!

@Lorenzo Scalese is a Solution Architect at Zorgi
> Zorgi is a specialist and Belgian market leader in IT solutions for the healthcare sector.

Some words about Lorenzo: 

  • He started his career in 2007 as a developer and has worked on many projects related to the healthcare industry: electronic medical recording (EMR) software, radiology software, connectivity with RIS\PACS and ionizing modalities, national hub medical data exchange,...  
  • He's been working with InterSystems technologies since he started his career. From Caché 5.2 to IRIS today.
  • Today, his work is mainly to define the general architecture of an EMR software, creating developer tools, deployment scripts, and migrate Caché\HealthShare based applications to IRIS using containers.

Some other facts about Lorenzo: 

  • He was born in Belgium in 1984, his parents are Italians. He lives in a country village, married, and father of 2 boys (11 years old and 8 years old).
  • His hobbies are technologies, coding, mountain bike rides, DIY, and video games.


Thank you and congratulations, @Lorenzo Scalese 👏🏼

May the DC Moderator force be with you ;)

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