I'm personally, trying to help with these issues. Even for ObjectScript, I managed to upgrade the developer's experience with modern IDE VSCode (So, the young developers who know what a modern development process should look like, would not be so shocked by so outdated Studio). Help with using Docker in the development process, package managers, and continuous integration, all with ObjectScript, and even static syntax analyzer. But I want that all the new projects would not use ObjectScript at all, to help with it, I have built Django driver to IRIS. I want to see IRIS support in as many programming languages as possible, and as many libraries and frameworks as possible. So, the developers would not have any issues in switching jobs, they have to use their knowledge which could be applicable anywhere. Want to build an application that uses SQL, that's ok, here is the driver, connect it and use it, as you would do it with another relational database.  NoSQL, ORM, or something else, is not an issue as well. But it's still too far to this point.  

I am so aligned with what you are saying.
IRIS is a database first (and with lots of assets : MultiModel, Speed, Analytics, Transactional, Sharding and so on).
The code when possible should be next to the database, not in the database. And we need to make the use of IRIS simple and elegant on other frameworks.
Your work on n8n, node red, VsCode, django are important for the community.
Thanks again for all these contributions and keep going you are in the right direction!

Hi André,

I have the same impression in France, we also have difficulties to find people who know the ObjectScript language.

To answer this problem, there is the Embedded Python solution which is almost 100% compatible with ObjectScript.
From my point of view, this is one of the answers to this problem.

Moreover, if like us in France, many projects are done with IRIS Interopreabilty (a.k.a Ensemble), I can advise you to use this ZPM module which offers a 100% Python experience and a strong compatibility with all existing projects.

This way, newcomers to InterSystems technologies can quickly get up to speed while ensuring a smooth transition between the "old guard" and the new generation.

Impressive, thanks so much sharing that with us.

Few questions come to my mind :

  • There is no example for IRIS in you github do you plan to do it ?
  • Are you using behind the scene the NativeAPI from IRIS ?
    • If answer is true, are you using the Calling ObjectScript Methods and Functions ?
    • Else, why not ?
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