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I tried your module as a replacement for the Manifest installer, see this example:

However, I'm stuck for the part with ZPM.
The problem is, with your module, I can create a database, its rights, etc., but how to tell ZPM to load the classes in the freshly installed NameSpace?

What are the possible solutions?

We have today many options to load configuration IRIS, are they in competition?

How to federate these modules who are all complementary?

What a nice feature.

If I understand correctly, this module can be considered as a replacement for the Manifest installer?

If so, then this module has the benefit of exposing the configuration as JSON and API rather than a compiled class.

If I understand correctly, you want to replace an HTTP Header basic auth with a bearer token.
If the bearer token is static, you can implement a solution like this:

If it is dynamic, I think you will have to develop your own plug-in:

A good base to start working on could be this plugin:

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