Antti Suomi · Jul 6, 2022

Iris for health, community, problems with new namespaces and productions.

Hello everybody!

I’m having some odd issues with IRIS for health community edition and creating a new namespace.

Versions 2021, 2022.1 & .2 for Windows and Ubuntu allow me to create a new namespaces and the databases for it.


As you can see above, I’ve enabled the namespace for interoperability productions.

I’ve run this creation process with not copying the mappings, copying everything from user, and so on, with out a difference to the end result.

Now after this is done, for some reason, I run in to the issue below,

namespace does not support productions


“The namespace does not support productions”- error pops up when I go to the interoperability tab to start building a production.

We have several different developers running 2021 and I’m at the moment the only one running in to this issue.

Intersystems support replied to me with “the Community Edition comes with restrictions. So you are most likely using the wrong product for what you plan to do.”

Any ideas where to start troubleshooting this as I’d like to have different namespaces available. I still have about a month of training left and the USER NS is starting to get really cluttered after n+1 different in house and IS learning path exercises indecision



Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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According to the picture, you have selected to Copy the namespace mappings from namespace USER, which is not interoperability enabled. I suggest trying again with no namespace selected for copying the namespace mappings from.

Thanks Anssi.

I recall that normally I didn't copy the mappings, but it didn't help.


After playing around I skirted the problem by logging in as SuperUser instead of admin on Windows installations.

Haven't encountered any issues so far and everything works.