Igor Titarenko · Jul 11, 2022

Custom hyperlink in Clinical Viewer (CV2)

What's a good way to add a custom hyperlink to a table item in Clinical Viewer (CV2)? I am customizing the Diagnostic Studies page, and have a custom transform that returns the HTML code for the hyperlink. The hyperlink is supposed to open a custom CSP page in a new window or tab.

Using the layout editor, I then tried adding several "items" to the table like an Icon or External Viewer Link, and use the custom transform to get the hyperlink, but these items only show up as plain text and do not link to any page. How do I turn these items into a hyperlink?

Product version: HealthShare 2019.1
$ZV: Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2018.1.2 (Build 310_6_19928U) Thu Jun 11 2020 08:34:13 EDT
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Hello Igor, you may need to add the following to the custom CSS file:

a {
    pointer-events: auto;

If you don't have one already, you may need to create it by copying:

<install_dir>/csp/healthshare/<viewer_namespace>/web/custom/HS/scripts/v2-template.css to


Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately the CSS modifications did not work. The only viable solution was to modify the DocumentURL field in the custom transform result set.