· Mar 31, 2022

Meet Irène Mykhailova - New Developer Community Moderator!

Hi Community,

We're excited to welcome @Irène Mykhailova as our new French Moderator in the Developer Community Team! 🎉

Let's take a closer look at Irène's bio.

@Irène Mykhailova is an associate professor at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI) and a Content Manager of French InterSystems Community. KPI is a leading technical university in Ukraine.

Some words about Irène

  • She started her career in 2009 as a software developer and has worked on many projects related to manufacturing, postal services, and banking services.
  • And in parallel she’s written her PhD thesis and worked at the university, bringing her practical experience to the benefit of teaching.
  • She’s been working with InterSystems technologies since she started teaching in 2011.

Some other facts about Irène

  • She was born in Ukraine in 1987, lived in Kyiv, recently relocated to Wroclaw, Poland.
  •  Her hobbies are programming, martial arts, traveling, and drums.


Thank you and congratulations, @Irène Mykhailova 👏🏼

Hope you will be a great Moderator!

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