Alex Kanashevskiy · Apr 7, 2021

Developer Community Release, March 2021

Hi Developers!

This is a release of how did we improve the Developer Community in March 2021. The key features:

  • Global Masters badges page
  • User mentions page
  • Post translation indicator
  • Updates in the Jobs section
  • Updates to the "New post" button on DC Tag page

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Global Masters badges page

Completely new display of GM badges on DC! Now you can see your Global Masters level and the progress of other users.

All badges you earned are displayed in a new way. You can also find out the name of any badge simply by hovering over it.

User mentions page

Completely updated page! We've added sorting of user mentions by posts and comments. Also, now you can easily see what your posts have been translated into other languages - use the sorting by translations.

Post translation indicator

You can always see what other languages the post has been translated into: just click on the Language drop-down menu and look at the checkmarks.

Updates in the Jobs section

In the Jobs section, we've added a new button for creating a job post!  

Just click on the "New job opportunity" button, an ad will be automatically created with a special "Job opportunity" tag. This tag will make a vacancy out of your announcement and add it to the "Jobs" section. Learn more.

Updates to the "New post" button on DC Tag page

Are you a follower of a topic / DC tag? This improvement might be useful to you!

When you are on the page of any DC tag and click the "New post" button, this tag is automatically added to the post creation form.


We hope you enjoy our updates! Feel free to submit new requests for improvements and bug reports

Stay tuned!

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