Hello Alexey,

thanks for pointing back to the manual! After re-reading this section I found the crucial sentence:

^JRNRESTO restores only to databases whose journal state is Yes at the time of the journal restore.

So, if journaling at database level is set to "no", no journal restore will be performed!

And as you said:  ^JRNRESTO itself provides an option to disable journaling - at the far end of the configuration process.

This might be the answer(s) to my initial question.

Hello Alexey,

Which manual does it say?  

I'm referring to this section of the manual: Restore Journal Files

It seems that you should not bother on the subject at all: during the database restore it can't be involved in any users' activity, so there would not exist any journal record on its change.

OK: to be safe there should be no activity (all productions stopped) on the entire instance during the restore process, even if only one database is affected.


Hi Alexander,

thank you for the information!

The ^DATABASE -> Edit seems to be the nearest solution.

For a production issue I would reach out to the WRC.

For sure!

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