Luiz Henrique C... · Jul 19, 2022

How i can test POST in Rest API

Hi community!

I'm using Insomnia software for testing my REST applications from cache and wanted to know how do I debug POST that got sent into backend by this tool via json sent from the request body!

I'm using 2018 cache and running tests by VSCode

thanks for any help

Product version: Caché 2018.1
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The Serenji VS Code extension from George James Software supports direct backend debugging of REST endpoints in Caché and InterSystems IRIS.

The debugging features of Serenji require an activation key. We provide free 30-day keys upon request.

John Murray
Senior Product Engineer
George James Software

Postman is a pretty standard tool for this. Even the free version gives you everything you need to get started, and if you end up collaborating with other groups on your API, or if your end users want to do some testing, it's easy to get them and share a collection of requests.