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Note that if you are running a recent release of iris, that is not the community edition, and, does not deploy the personal web server - chances are your docker-compose defines 2 services, one for iris and one for the webgateway.

So for VS Code to reach iris,  I have had to change the docker objectscript.conn entries in the original post to:

      "docker-compose": {
        "service": "webgateway",
        "internalPort": 80


where 'webgateway' is the name of the iris-webgateway service as named in the docker-compose file.



My understanding is that these classes: HS.FHIR.DTL.vR4.Model.Resource.*

Are internal for DTL purposes only, and not to be used for serialisation or creation of some type of repository of resources. For that, one should use the FHIR Repository, (and FHIR SQL Builder for SQL query of resources).

Happy for product management/developers to chip in here and confirm.


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