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Hi Tim, this is great, we spoke about this a while back and so glad you managed to get this out !!.  I've downloaded/installed it and will be using it for a project pretty soon.

Thanks again !

No reason at all. Just suggesting also that any custom methods can be invoked for all sorts of custom functionality - however sure, if that's all that is required... Go direct.


That should work (as advertised) but if you want a workaround .... call a method instead, that implements the same thing:

    <Invoke Class="App.Installer" Method="SetAutoStartProduction" CheckStatus="true" >
Arg Value="${MyNamespace}" />
      <Arg Value="myProd.Production" />

- assuming 'MyNamespace' contains the namespace name you are setting up, as a variable (or hard code it).

Then include the method:

ClassMethod SetAutoStartProduction(myNamespace, prodClass) As %Status

   quit ##class(%EnsembleMgr).SetAutoStart(myNamespaceprodClass)


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