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yes - I can't expect it was related to ZPM, but definitely seemed that way when it was the only image that didn't work in that state. 

Warning I guess for others reading this thread:  

docker system prune -f

Did remove 3 containers I had created, run and stopped on my system (but was planning to get back to them and start them again).  

thanks for now..

well that sucks.... 

docker system prune -f
Deleted Containers:

then re-running .. worked...

That may seem a great outcome to some, but, this un-predictability or, failure to report what the issue is (remember, the issue manifested in an IRIS process hanging), is not ideal. 

Also - I did try with non-ZPM containers successfully multiple times, whilst I was getting the issue, just to ensure, the issue was with only the zpm ones. It worked fine every time with non-ZPM containers.


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