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Blocking other streamlet types associated with a blocked Clinical Information Type

I will use examples to illustrate what I am looking for.  I am hoping to not have to do too much customization . 

Facility A. For facility A users, I want to block any provider (admitting, consulting , referring etc)  that provided a substance abuse diagnosis. I have a substance abuse clinical information type which I can use to identify such diagnoses by their diagnosis codes. I have also grouped the Facility A users so I can create a policy that applies to them.  I want to block both the diagnosis and the diagnosing clinician.  So for example, if Dr A gave a Substance abuse diagnosis -DGSA to patient A, DGSA would not be in the diagnoses tag and Dr A would not be anywhere Patient A's aggregated SDA .How can I block the clinical relationship on that basis?

Other Facilities I would like to block all encounters connected to a visit where a controlled substance was prescribed. I have a list of codes that identifies these medications and these meds have an encounter number. I need to block the encounter itself and the medication but keep the other data that has the encounter number. So if Patient B had an encounter with encounter number 1, where they had a diagnosis DGB, procedure PB and controlled substance CSB, I would want to block the encounter where encounter number= 1 and the medication called CSB but keep the diagnosis DGB and procedure PB. How can that be achieved without writing custom code? There is a possibility that the requirement expands to block all the data connected with the encounter where the controlled substance was prescribed, so for example just block all data with encounter number=1

Thank you for reading! 

Product version: IRIS 2019.3
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