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In every Atelier project you can find following hidden files:





Should I include all of them into commit?

I understand that .project is mandatory. But what about the rest? Is there any general rule?

F.e. if we work in team and everybody has their own connection on locale machine .connection should not be included. Yes?

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Nicki Vallentgoed · Apr 19, 2016
MessagePack support

MessagePack is a binary-based efficient object serialization library. It enables to exchange structured objects between many languages like JSON. But unlike JSON, it is very fast and small.

Any chance of adding support for MessagePack?


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For CachéQuality I'd love to be able to create issues when the programmer uses classes which are deprecated for this or that version of Caché... But short of reading all the changelogs of all versions, I can't really tell when a command appeared (for instance RETURN; I know now that it appeared in 2014.x, but it took me some time to realize that), or when a (set of) class(es) became deprecated (for instance %GlobalCharacterStream to be replaced with %Stream.GlobalCharacter -- I don't even know since which version this is true :/).

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I hereby announce the creation of an IRC channel dedicated to Caché development:

* network: FreeNode (connect to server:

* channel: ##cos (yes, two hashes).

Topic is anything related to Caché development in spite of the name (and the fact that of Caché development I only really know about COS anyway), so sorry in advance for the restrictive channel name :)

Waiting for you here! (my nick is idletask on freenode)

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Presenter: Danny Wijnschenk
Task: Help people make better decisions by letting application deal with all the data.
Approach: As an example, we’ll extend a demo asset management application for portfolio and trade compliance, using iKnow technology to translate agreements into rules that ensure portfolio compliance prior to trade execution.

In this session, we’ll discuss how easy it is to extend a classic application that deals with straightforward transactions, to also offer insights and actions based on more complex, unstructured data. We’ll present a use case on portfolio compliance from the financial services industry.


Content related to this session, including slides, video and additional learning content can be found here.

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Presenter: Rich Taylor
Task: Use an LDAP schema that differs from the provided default
Approach: Give examples of customized LDAP schema development, using LDAP APIs and ZAUTHORIZE

In this session we explore the various options of for working with LDAP as an authentication and authorization framework. We will look beyond the simple LDAP schemas into working with more complex LDAP configurations that incorporate application level security information.


Content related to this session, including slides, video and additional learning content can be found here.

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Presenter: Andreas Dieckow
Task: Securely store sensitive information
Approach: Give examples of data-at-rest encryption and data element encryption

Description: In this session, InterSystems will showcase how to use API calls to programmatically do everything using your own scripts. This approach is highly effective if you have recipe based settings and configurations that you would like to roll out in a controlled and fast fashion.

Problem: Implement Security relevant information correctly and how. Examples are Credit Card information, Sensitive information (e.g. SSN, Classified Information)

Solution: Data-at-rest encryption and data element encryption


Content related to this session, including slides, video and additional learning content can be found here.

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Presenter: Andreas Dieckow
Task: Apply SQL security to multiple servers in a distributed system
Approach: Provide code samples for using new API calls to apply SQL security statements to multiple instances of our products

Description: The requirement that started at all. See examples on how to use this new feature and integrate it into your application by discuss code examples.

Problem: SQL Security is local to the instance and most of time driven by customer application code. That it is only local to the instance and is not automatically going to other instances requires a solution.

Solution: With application code use new API calls to issue SQL security statements that is applied to multiple instances.


Content related to this session, including slides, video and additional learning content can be found here.

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Presenter: Joe Gallant
Task: Create a good analytical data model
Approach: Discuss what makes a good analytical data model. Provide examples of using DeepSee’s APIs for building custom dimensions, measures, and KPIs

Data models are the foundation of effective analytics. This session focuses on the factors that make good analytics data models. 


Content related to this session, including slides, video and additional learning content can be found here.

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Stephen Canzano · Apr 13, 2016
XMLExport and Validation

I interested on how others feel on this subject.  In general terms when you have a class that extends from %XML.Adaptor and you call XMLExport no validation is automatically done as part of the XMLExport process.  As an example if you do the following


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Steve Shaw · Apr 14, 2016
HL7 to Quadramed


IHAC who is trying to connect Ensemble to Quadramed for HL7 messaging, however, it seems that in order to do this, the following is required:

"we open a passive connection to Quadramed and then listen for a connection request from Quadramed, once this is established we then send messages"


Has anyone done this before?  Is this possible with the standard HL7 components?




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Steve Glassman · Apr 8, 2016 1m read
2016.2 Field Test Kit 2016.2.0.632.0

I am pleased to announce the next 2016.2 field test kit, 2016.2.0.632.0.

Since I haven’t sent an update to this thread in a while it should come as no surprise that there have been quite a few changes since I wrote about build 609.  In fact, there have been over 175 changes in 50 different areas, with the majority of changes in:

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