Hansel Stange Gaete · Feb 27, 2020

WebGateway Prometheus Containers

Hi, i have installed Prometheus as solution to monitor IAM, Iris & Docker, someone have experience using something like :

this use mod_status, but i'm not sure if possible activate this on containers, ideas ?

I want monitor WebGateways on Prometheus, finally have a full Grafana based monitor for all systems.

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It's great that you trying to do it.

But I'm not sure what you actually going to achieve with WebGateway?

A provided link has info about running in docker.

So, if you just want to activate server-status page in internal apache which goes with IRIS, you should know, that it is not recommended to use internal webserver in production.

Some time ago I did an example of Apache with CSPgateway as a docker image. It can be outdated a bit but can be used as an example, how to achieve it. You can easily extend Apache settings there, to allow server-status as well.

Hi Hansel,

at Global Summit 2019, we already showed some early prototypes of our forthcoming System Alerting and Monitoring tool that also leverages Prometheus and Grafana to monitor your IRIS deployments (recording is here). It's still a few weeks away, but this Tech Talk will discuss this subject in more detail.