Florian Hansmann · Apr 22, 2020

SQL Statement Highlighting

Hey Community,

my Caché Version: 2013.1 and can't update now.

is it possible to highlight SQL Statements like in embedded SQL with all the features from SQL Statements?

Actually I use SQL Statements with a simple string like:

set myquery = "SELECT TOP 5 Name,DOB AS bdate,FavoriteColors FROM Sample.Person"

But when the queries are more complex it will be very cluttered and unstructured.

It would be nicer if I could set line breaks (I know here could I use indexed variables) and have highlighting like in an embedded SQL:


 SELECT TOP 5 Name,DOB AS bdate,FavoriteColors 
 FROM Sample.Person


Best regards!

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For Multiline SQL you may do it his way:

set myquery = "SELECT TOP 5 "_
              "Name, "_
              "DOB AS bdate, "_
              "FavoriteColors "_
              "FROM Sample.Person"

no solution for coloring inside a String