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How to Publish an Application on InterSystems Open Exchange: Part 2

Hi Developers!

This post describes how you could publish your InterSystems application on Open Exchange.

What is the InterSystems application?

It could be anything, which is built with InterSystems data platforms or to help work with InterSystems data platforms: InterSystems IRIS, InterSystems IRIS for Health, InterSystems HealthShare, InterSystems Ensemble and InterSystems Caché. This could be tools, frameworks, adapters, examples and business solutions.

Why publish on Open Exchange?

InterSystems Open Exchange is an "App Central" for the solutions in InterSystems. It's the first place where the developer goes to look for tools, frameworks, and examples on InterSystems IRIS. And Open Exchange brings the added traffic to your solution which could be converted into leads.

We are having a set of business development tools for published Open Exchange applications. This definitely makes your InterSystems application more noticed.

Submitting an application

Suppose you have a library with open source published on Github which you want to publish on Open Exchange. For the purpose of a demo, I'll fork this remarkable project of @Peter Steiwer ObjectScript-Math which I forked and renamed to object script-super-math.

First of all, you need to sign in. You can do this using your DC account or create a new one (which will be suitable for DC too).

Once signed in you'll see Profile Menu available which has My Apps section:


Click on a New button to submit a new InterSystems application:


OEX has a nice integration with Github which allows filling all the matching fields from the Github repo. E.g. let's try with objectscript-super-math:

It imports the name, short description, license, Full description, Download URL. To have the application ready for publishing you just need to peek InterSystems Data Platform it works with and the related tags.

Also, if there is an article on DC where you discuss the application, add the link to this article.

If you publish not Github app with open source, but e.g. the solution you need to accurately fill all the mandatory fields:

Name, Download URL, Short Description, License, Tags, Product.

And the optional fields which you think should be filled.

You also can add the related Youtube videos and two very important checkboxes:


We'll talk about this later.

Once you are happy with the fields you are welcome to Save the application. 

Before publishing the app you can set up the app's icon:


Upload screenshots:


And after that once you are ready, send it for approval on publishing:

Here you need to submit the version and the release notes of the version.

Release notes section supports Markdown so you can paste here very informative description with rich formatting on what are the changes come with the new release of your application.

This will send the application to Open Exchange management for approval and once it's approved the application will be published on Open Exchange, you'll get the notification on email and the release news will be published on Open Exchange News.

Next time we'll discuss profile setup, company setup and some special cases. Stay tuned!

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A tip for anyone trying to upload a different image for an already-published app. You need to unpublish it first, to make the "Upload image" option appear on the menu. See this GH issue comment.

A related tip is that when you send your unpublished-and-modified app for approval you can override the default next version number that appears in the dialog, setting it to the same as the current version. You'll still have to enter something in the Release Notes field, but when your changes are subsequently approved your published app won't show any change in the Version History tab.