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ok, this docs are goob, but not all

after many tries:

curl -s -X POST http://..:8001/routes/.../plugins \
--data name=openid-connect \
--data config.issuer=https://.../.../.well-known/openid-configuration \
--data config.client_id=... \
--data config.client_secret=... \
--data config.ssl_verify=false \
--data config.verify_signature=false \
--data config.consumer_optional=false \
--data config.ssl_verify=false \
--data config.introspection_endpoint=https://.../.../protocol/openid-connect/token/introspect \
--data config.introspect_jwt_tokens=false \
--data config.introspection_hint=access_token \
--data config.auth_methods=introspection \
--data config.scopes_claim=scope \
--data config.reverify=true \
--data config.cache_tokens=false \
--data config.cache_introspection=false \
--data config.scopes_required=... | python -mjson.tool

it's a good idea replace ... with the rights words ;-) 

Is so confused, after many documentation reviews and some probably network problems resolved,  error still alive


2 new server iris

1 arbiter

4 IP addresss

/etc/hosts fixed with all ip definitions :

serverpri X.X.X.67
serversec X.X.X.65
servervip X.X.X.85
serverarb X.X.X.99

Network Mask

Last Error  journal: InterSystems IRIS(IRIS)[2226]: AddVirtualAddress failed, cannot become primary: Host at osirispri:2188 ISCAgent answered :ERR:Failed to initialize config info.

I think something is wrong inside Primary, but a don't have any clue

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