Evgeny Shvarov · Mar 27, 2020

InterSystems Online Contest Topics Schedule in 2020

Hi Developers!

We are going to establish a series of InterSystems IRIS Online Programming contests this year.

In March we started with ObjectScript CLI and here is the schedule of topics for the next few months:

  • April - InterSystems IRIS with REST API
  • May - InterSystems IRIS Native API application: use Python, JS, .NET, Java native APIs in your application to use IRIS
  • June-July - InterSystems IRIS AI/ML solutions. IntegratedML as a bonus
  • August - InterSystems IRIS for Health FHIR application
  • September - InterSystems IRIS Full-stack application: IRIS as a server and UI on any framework and any form: and web, desktop, mobile UI
  • October - Interoperability solutions for InterSystems IRIS and InterSystems IRIS for Health
  • November - Analytics Solution using InterSystems IRIS
  • December - Multi-model solution using InterSystems IRIS

All applications should be runnable with InterSystems IRIS in a docker container.

In addition to Experts and Community votes, we'll introduce technology points where you will get extra points for using ZPM, Unit tests, CI, etc.

This agenda is subject to change.

Please, introduce your ideas of topics and suggestions for the contest.

Stay tuned!

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That sounds great!!
Excited to see incredible new apps

Eduard, thanks for the comment!

I updated the topic. Now the July contest is expanded to any AI/ML solution with InterSystems IRIS. 

How about the topic: Interoperability Adapter for InterSystems IRIS?

Three more topics added:

  • August - Interoperability Adapters for InterSystems IRIS and InterSystems IRIS for Health
  • September - Multi-model solution using InterSystems IRIS
  • October - Interoperability Solution using InterSystems IRIS

The schedule is subject to change, stay tuned!

But these topics will appear! So ask your questions and be prepared!

Interoperability is one word and not a portmanteau btw.

fixed, thanks! Didn't get about portmanteau though.

The schedule is updated.

In May we'll have Native API contest - documentation.

And AI contest will happen in June 2020.

Hello all, is the contest for May started? where can i find details about it?

Not yet! Stay tuned, we'll announce it this week.