· Apr 24, 2020

Judgment and Voting Rules for the InterSystems IRIS Programming Contests

Hi Developers!

We are having a series of InterSystems IRIS Online Programming contests this year!

This announcement is for current and all future online contests. 

Below you'll find the judgment rules for the IRIS Contest.

Judgment and Votes

1. Experts Nomination - winners will be determined by a limited jury.

Judges for this nomination are InterSystems Product Managers, Developer Community Moderators, and Global Masters advocates with VIP, Ambassador, Expert and Specialist levels.

One judge can vote only for one application. The power of the vote is as follows:

  • PM vote - 3 points
  • Moderator vote - 3 points
  • VIP GM Advocate vote - 3 points
  • Ambassador GM Advocate vote - 3 point
  • Expert GM Advocate vote - 2 point
  • Specialist GM Advocate vote - 1 point

2. Community Nomination - an application that will receive the most votes in total.

The judges here are any registered community members who posted at least once. These judges will have 1 vote point.

Note: Judges can participate in a contest, but cannot vote for their own applications.

Judgment criteria

In the Experts Nomination, we will choose the best application which:

  1. Idea and value - the app makes the world a better place or makes the life of a developer better at least;
  2. Functionality and usability - how well and how much the application/library does;
  3. The beauty of code - the application has a readable and effective code.

Stay tuned!

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