You are all set to setup Microsoft Office subscription on your device and suddenly what you see during the activation is an error message. And, according to this message your product is unlicensed. In this situation, you get terrified because you have already paid for your subscription and still it is showing to be unlicensed. Worry not if you are experiencing a similar situation as this has also happened with several other users.

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Image search like Google's is a nice feature that wonder me - as almost anything related to image processing.

A few months ago, InterSystems released a preview for Python Embedded. As Python has a lot of libs for deal with image processing, I decided to start my own attemptive to play with a sort of image search - a much more modest version in deed :-)

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On a default VS Code installation, when you create a new file its language mode is 'Plain Text'

You have to click there to set another mode.

Luckily, there's a setting you can tweak to change this. It is called files.defaultLanguage

Set it to the ID of the language you want. Those IDs display in parentheses after each entry on the language mode selector.

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Coming up this Wednesday (27th January 2021), two and a half hours of online sessions by members of the product team at Microsoft.

Join the Visual Studio Code team and community at a live event just for VS Code users. Get a glimpse of things to come and meet the team who works on VS Code every day.

It's free, starts at 8am PST, and sessions will be available for replay after the event.

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Saqib Ali · Dec 28, 2020
Build Base and Expand Community

Hey, I'm here to share some information regarding businesses and startups that how your base and community are important with time because if you ignore these you soon dissolved. Starting from taking an example of very build and self lifted organization, Logo design company in Karachi because they strongly worked on their base and essentials of their company by working over their quality and services with dedication and also understanding the environment and situation of the state.

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Azezur Rahman · Dec 21, 2020
Access Temporally denied

Hello there community, 

I wanted to start a new conversation with an administrator in order to solve an issue. 

But then it says that my access is blocked for the time being. 

Image attached below. 

May I please know as to why and can an admin contact me so that i can solve my issue. 


Hoping to hear soon. 

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Loan Management... · Dec 14, 2020
Loan Management Software

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Good evening Intersystems Community,

I want to participate in the Advent of Code 2020 and followed the installation instructions in "The Advent of Code 2020 contest ObjectScript template" (

Unforunately I get "Error: Invalid Community Edition license, may have exceeded core limit." at the step "docker-compose build".

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I have a table where i want to create join query like

(select * from patients where facility=abc) qry1

left join (select * from patients where facility=xyz) qry2 on qry1.patientid = qry2.patientid

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Bitcoin Wallet Support...

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