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Depending on how specific you need to make your sorting, you can also modify the custom drilldown spec with ORDER functions. If needed, you could change the measure and the direction for each level. For example:

ORDER([Product].[P1].[Product Category].Members,Measures.[%COUNT],BDESC)
ORDER([Channel].[H1].[Channel Name].Members,Measures.[%COUNT],BDESC)

When executing a query, DeepSee will store intermediate and final results in the cache globals. As the engine was trying to create a new session, it looks like it could not access the database in e:\hs-db\tfoms\. Either this database is mounted read only (in this case you will need to create some DeepSee mappings) or the user executing the query does not have r/w permissions on this database.

What database is in /hs/nehi/ ? These protect errors suggest the user may not have permissions on this database

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