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Dmitriy, I have very limited experience with VSCode, none using it with Cache coding. I looked at using it to replace UltraEdit/UEStudio and Notepad ++. I use those daily for XML, HTML file formatting, base64 decoding, file comparisons, CSS and JavaScript.

Using VSCode instead of Studio isn't an option for me at this time, team uses Studio with source hooks. If that changed, I'd be open to using it side by side with Atelier to compare. I've read many of your post and other's on using VSCode for Cache development. I assumed that path was being taken as the future of Atelier was unsure, and suggested at times that it had no future, other than support for what was already there.

I'm not using IRIS yet. Having options is good, especially for those coming from other development languages and/or not primarily focused on ObjectScript. Hopefully Studio continues to be supported, even better, receives future updates.

I have no issues working in Studio. I'm primarily developing with ObjectScript and XSLT. I've also used Studio for JavaScript, CSP, and web development (mixed with ObjectScript).

I'm not using Atelier now, but used it at a few previous jobs in team environments. Linking and using it with Git was very easy. After primarily using Studio for many years, adjusting to Atelier wasn't a steep learning curve. Initially there were things I switched back to  Studio for, like "Find in files". But after a few updates and getting used to it, it was comfortable, flow felt logical.

I haven't used VS Code for ObjectScript. I tried it recently as a potential replacement for UltraEdit/Studio. I found it cumbersome, no toolbars, not intuitive...for me. I suspect if I were to  dive in with it, as I had to with Atelier, it would feel better.

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