Anastasia Dyubaylo · Apr 6, 2020

The 2nd Programming Contest: InterSystems IRIS with REST API

Hi Developers!

Want to participate again in the competition of creating open-source solutions using InterSystems IRIS Data Platform? 

Then we're pleased to announce the second InterSystems IRIS Online Programming Contest!

And the topic for this contest is InterSystems IRIS with REST API.

The contest will again last three weeks: April 13-May 3, 2020

Also, please join the InterSystems Contests Discord Channel to chat about contest and technology.


We have 2 winning nominations and there will be more money prizes than in the previous contest! 

1. Experts Nomination - winners will be determined by a specially selected jury:

🥇 1st place - $2,000 

🥈 2nd place - $1,000 

🥉 3rd place - $500

2. Community Nomination - an application that will receive the most votes in total:

🥇 1st place - $1,000 

🥈 2nd place - $500 

If several participants score the same amount of votes they all are considered as winners and the money prize is shared among the winners.  

Also, we will provide winners with high-level badges on Global Masters.

Who can participate?

Any Developer Community member from any country can participate in a contest, except for InterSystems employees. Create an account!

Contest Period

April 13-26, 2020: Two weeks to upload your applications to Open Exchange (also during this period, you can edit your projects).

April 27-May 3, 2020: One week to vote.

All winners will be announced on May 4th, 2020.

The Topic

➡️ InterSystems IRIS REST API and web socket applications ⬅️

We will choose the best application built using InterSystems IRIS Community Edition(IRIS CE), or InterSystems IRIS for Health Community Edition (IRIS CE4H) as a backend exposing REST API or web sockets interface.

And you'll have technology bonuses if you introduce special technology implementations in your application.

Learn more about the topic and bonuses here.

Helpful Resources

1. How to submit an application to a contest: Quick example & Video

2. Online Course: Building REST API in InterSystems IRIS

3. Video: How to make the REST-API in InterSystems IRIS with Open API spec 

4. Article: How to test modules before publishing to Open Exchange


Please find the Judgment and Voting Rules for the Contest here.


Ready. Set. Code.

Stay tuned, the post will be updated!

❗️ Please check out the Official Contest Terms here.❗️

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Hey Community!

We launched a special hashtag for our programming marathon! Please welcome - #IRIScontest

This hashtag is already on InterSystems Developers' social networks: TwitterFacebookTelegram and LinkedIn.

Let the world know about the Intersystems IRIS Contest! Please share! 😉

Hi Developers!

Only 3 days left before the start of the Intersystems IRIS Programming Contest! 

You will have 2 weeks (April 13-26) to upload your solutions to the Open Exchange and compete for the main prizes. 

So join our competition and win! 😎

These competitions appear to demand the use of Cache ObjectScript rather than any other language.  Is this correct?  And if so, why can't other languages be used instead?

Hi Rob! 

The official name of the language is InterSystems ObjectScript or just ObjectScript - it's not only for Caché any more ;) 

And if so, why can't other languages be used instead?

Every contest has a topic. First one was about ObjectScript CLI. The current is about Intersystems IRIS REST API or web sockets interface. There is no ObjectScript requirement in this particular contest directly but it's obviously involved. Because if you even generate the REST API using spec-first approach you get endpoints but you need ObjectScript to write the logic. See examples in the article from @Eduard Lebedyuk  or another from @David Reche.

And next month we are having a Native API contest where applications using python, node.js, .NET, java are very welcome.

I updated my reply. Yes, ObjectScript is needed in this contest to implement REST API business logic.

Hi Rob!

We provided more details for the contest - and indeed you can avoid using ObjectScript in the contest!
You can use already existing! 

E.g. are extremely in need of the Frontend for the Forms 2.0, something line Vue, or react would be great!

Or you can use any out-of-the-box IRIS REST API.

So, provided Intersystems IRIS is used as the back-end database for the data persistence of the APIs, the competition allows the use of any other technologies in front of it?  eg QEWD/Node.js + browser UI?

The competition allows using REST API on the Intersystems IRIS side.

If QEWD/Node.js + browser UI does this, then go ahead. 

That depends on your definition of "REST API on the Intersystems IRIS side".  That Intersystems IRIS provides the HTTP interface?  and/or the code that does the work of the API is within IRIS and therefore ObjectScript?  As far as QEWD is concerned, Intersystems IRIS is simply a persistent JSON store with no other role (though you still can invoke ObjectScript methods and access classes if you want), so a REST API is implemented in JavaScript and handled by Node.js/QEWD.  

Sure, you can interpret Intersystems IRIS in any way it works for your application, but in this contest, we want to focus on REST API on Intersystems IRIS side. That means you either use any internal 6 api (Atelier, UIMA, iKnow, DocDB, MGMNT, BI, Monitoring) or any installed from Open Exchange or build your own with Swagger and/or ObjectScript.

In that case I'll wait for a different competition :-)

How to apply for the Programming Contest

Log in to Open Exchange, open your applications section.

Open the application which you want to apply for the contest and click Apply for Contest.

Make sure the status is 'Published'.

The application will go for the review and if it fits the topic of the contest the application will be listed on the Contest Board.

Hi Developers,

Wonder if you could vote for the solution you like? You can! If you contribute to DC!

Everyone contributing articles, questions and replies is very welcome to give the vote in the Community Nomination. An application that will receive the most votes in total will win in this nomination. 

Prizes are waiting for you, stay tuned! 🚀

Want more about ZPM (ObjectScript Package Manager)?

Enjoy watching the new video, specially recorded by @Evgeny Shvarov for the second Intersystems IRIS contest:

⏯ How to Build, Test and Publish ZPM Package with REST Application for InterSystems IRIS


This video shows how to build the Package with ObjectScript classes and REST API application from scratch, how to test it, and how to publish it on a test registry and in the InterSystems Open Exchange registry.

Stay tuned! 

Hi all,

You're very welcome to join the InterSystems Developers Discord Channel to discuss all topics and questions related to the Intersystems IRIS Programming Contests (technology requirements, bonuses, REST API, spec first, etc).

 There are lively discussions with InterSystems developers! Join us! 😎


You have 5 days to submit your application for the InterSystems IRIS Online Contest!

Don't hesitate to submit if you didn't finish it - you'll be able to fix the bugs and make improvements during the voting week too!

If you have your REST API application and just need to Dockerize it - take the advantage of Intersystems IRIS
Docker Kit. This archive added to any repo with InterSystems IRIS code makes this repo running in InterSystems IRIS in Docker container. And you don't need to start from scratch with a template.